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Relaxation Massage

Sweedish style massage using long gliding strokes of light to gentle pressure to enhance quality of life and feelings of well-being.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage techniques that help to restore muscle fibers to their original alignment, reduce pain and tension and increase flexibility. This can affect cortisol and serotonin levels, increase oxygenated blood supply to muscles and support the immune and lymphatic systems.

Sports Massage

Sports focused techniques specifically designed to enhance performance among individual athletes or physically active persons who are placed in physical achievement situations. Sports massage is personalized and sports specific, designed to assist in the athletes training programs on/off season. Assists in soft-tissue injury rehabilitation, recovery from overworked muscles and addresses faulty biomechanics and joint mobility due to soft tissue restrictions

Myofascial Release (MFR)

MFR techniques of pressure, stretch and friction to alter tissue structure using either sustained pressure or cupping. Tissue that has been put under repetitive strain can result in abnormal tissue changes causing pain, reduced range of motion, joint dysfunction, discomfort and restrictions.

Trigger Point Release (TrP)

TrPs are specific areas of pain within muscles that when pressed cause increased pain and sometimes pain to another area of the body. TrP techniques apply gentle, gradually increasing pressure  to the TrP to a point where the client feels some discomfort. The pressure is maintained until the discomfort has eased. This inactivates the TrP and releases muscle tension. Trigger points rarely occur in isolation and the key to success is addressing the precipitating and predisposing factors for each particular client.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

NMT is a detailed and specific approach using advanced massage techniques, to identify and address the causes of soft tissue pain and dysfunction. NMT is based on neurological laws that explain how the central nervous system initiates and maintains pain.

NMT manipulates the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons and connective tissue) to achieve balance between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems by targeting the possible cause and extenuating factors leading to and keeping the body in a state of pain and dysfunction.

NMT can reduce/alleviate pain and dysfunction by bringing the body into balance, restore function by improving posture, flexibility and range of movement.

Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching?

In 1948 the World Health Organisation (WHO) defined human health as:

‘A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’

 6 in 10 adults in the U.S.A. have a chronic
disease, with 4 in 10 having 2 or more.

Most chronic disease starts with poor eating/lifestyle habits.

At its heart, health coaching is about helping clients to become creators of possible. You are the expert on you. It will empower you to live your best life, in whatever you choose to do and help reach the health goals you want to achieve.

Each session, we’ll begin with a brief chat about where things are at, gain some insight and consider new options. We’ll explore and work through these, to develop a new set of actions. Each session, we will be working together to create tangible progress toward your goal. Coaching may include values and communication style clarifying questions, making empowering requests and holding you accountable to commitments.

The work you do and the discoveries you make on your action plan between sessions, is crucial to your success. I will look forward to hearing your progress at each session.

A bit about me:

I eat mostly clean, low carbohydrate, healthy fat (LCHF), practice intermittent fasting and eliminate as many chemicals (processed foods) as possible.

I’ve always struggled with my weight. I’ve tried weightwatchers, jenny craig and many ‘fad’ diets and while they worked for a while, none of them were sustainable.

In 2015, I was working with a professional athlete who was telling me about sugar and he started me on my food label reading journey. OMG where these big corporate company’s hide sugar is criminal. My challenge was to only purchase food that contained less than 10gm of sugar per 100gm. At that time, only 3 cereals fitted that category, oats, weetbix and 1 vogels museli all of which are high in carbohydrates. Cutting down on sugar was a struggle and, until you start, you don’t realize how addictive it is. I used to consume a packet of chocolate biscuits in one sitting, usually it was emotional eating. Now it would make me feel sick and doesn’t even enter my brain when I’m feeling down.

It wasn’t until 2018, when my fussy food eater son left home, that I looked at carbohydrates and threw out all the junk food. That included pasta, rice, potatoes, chocolate, white flour, chips etc………..all gone from the pantry and found a dietician who made sense to me. 

I have been low carb/healthy fat (LCHF) since 2018, and while I’d like to say it’s easy, sometimes it’s not so easy. It is however sustainable and when you have your ‘head in the game’ it is easy. I have lost weight (kept it off) and gained energy.

Exercise was always a part of my journey, but not serious, never competitive. I could always come up with an excuse to not do exercise. This is still a struggle but I’m getting better and have found that having others around me to support and encourage me is very motivating.

Every day we make choices, what we eat, drink, how we exercise, sleep and spend time with friends and family. All these choices impact on our health and how healthy our retirement years will be.

Life is too short to be in pain and sitting on the sidelines.

As a health coach I will work alongside you, to help with the choices you make that impact on your health and guide you to making better choices that enable you to have a healthy future. To help prevent chronic disease, extend your healthy life span and make long term sustainable lifestyle New Health Habits.

Prevention is better than the cure. (PreKure)